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With #WSTS The Kid Flames Returns With His Darkest, Most Intimate Project to Date

By November 18, 2019April 14th, 2021No Comments

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

A swift six months after releasing his debut solo project, The Kid Flames returns with his most intimate project to date, Without Seeing the Staircase. Anchored by the single “My Life”, at 25 minutes and change, the project is an intentionally quieter and more meditative reflection when compared to its predecessor. A methodical journey into the psyche of the traveler, walking by faith through trial by fire, #WSTS finds its strength in dusty drums and a subtle lofi vibe, but juxtaposed with the boom-bap influence that marked the foundations of the year’s previous project.

Coming off a victory lap by way of his collaboration with Dallas’ Suave Burgandy, (#BoardingPass from the latter’s #Suavetoberfest EP) #WSTS finds the producer at his most vulnerable, journeying through the valley on faith, solely, on the way to his apex – the emotion of each step reflected in his musical choices.

Without Seeing the Staircase is available everywhere. Order the Bandcamp edition to get the bonus track “Embrace”, full artwork, and a special collector’s edition cover drawn by the producer himself. Thank you so much for listening.



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