The album that started it all.

“We’ve always loved the 2006 films The Illusionist and The Prestige. As we were tracking our a**es off every day and trying to come with a way to brand ourselves as a duo, we kept walking it back to the ideas of mystery and intrigue and just how they related to both magic and our sound: dark, smooth, melodic, a bit cinematic and story-driven. 

After coining ourselves The Illusionists, we thought it a dope idea to have a protagonist, a young, wide-eyed magician, and to take him on a four-part perpetual journey from his days of training to the stage to the darkness and beyond, each with its own style and sound, each represented by an album. Our own little quadrilogy.

Masks & Façades is the positive, maybe a tad naive, part of his early path. With a Jazz-Hip-Hop fusion feel, the album conveys a newness, an undiscovered part of something and an entire world ahead.

While we look back on it and wish we’d have taken more time to mix and master, we were working with a number of challenges – before DAWs were what they are today, the entire album was done on a KORG Triton (hear those tinny, smashed drums?! LOL!) but we hold this one near and dear, and are incredibly proud to have put it out.” – The Kid Flames

Produced by The Illusionists for Back Roads to Eastland/Fresh Produce / Mixed by Nate “The Kid Flames” Smith at The Orpheun, Dallas, TX / Additional Mixing and Drum Programming on “G.O.O.D.” and “Meadowlands” by Deonis “Pumah” Cook / Mastered by Deonis “Pumah” Cook at The Spot, Dallas, Texas / Art Direction & Layout by Nate “The Kid Flames” Smith