Lunar Supremacy

Lunar Supremacy is the debut solo album from K.D. Tha Produce Man (of the Illusionists). Following the intergalactic themes laid down by their third album, Astral Infinite, KDPM takes things a step further with his debut, laying out an incredibly varied array of laid-back trap, chillhop, boom-bap, and lofi all with a spaced out vibe that manages to gel cohesively.

Features the single “Autumn Breeze” plus “Skybridge”, “Ledbetta” and more!

K.D. Tha Produce Man Lunar Supremacy album cover. Artwork by The Kid Flames

K.D. Tha Produce Man / LS

K.D. Tha Produce Man Autumn Breeze Cover, Artwork by The Kid Flames for The Paper Label

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Autumn Breeze”

Suave Burgandy #Suavetoberfest 2 Cover Art

Suave Burgandy / #SF2

The Illusionists Astral Infinite Album Cover

The Ill / Astral Infinite

The Illusionists "Not from Here" Single Cover Art

The Ill “Not from Here”

The Kid Flames / With All My Heart

The Kid Flames - Down - Single Cover Art

The Kid Flames “Down”

The Kid Flames “Embrace”

Suave Burgandy + The Kid Flames #BoardingPass cover art.

Suave Burgandy / #SF

The Kid Flames / WSTS

The Kid Flames “My Life”

The Kid Flames “Benny Blanco”

The Kid Flames / King of NY

The Kid Flames / TLOP

The Kid Flames “Dumbo”

The ILL / TT

The ILL / Masks & Façades