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The Kid Flames’ “Benny Blanco” Drops

By June 7, 2019April 30th, 2020No Comments

Ready to heat up your summer? Go ahead and break out the Cohibas. “Benny Blanco” is the newest drop from The Kid Flames, and the spiritual successor to his latest album Things Left on Purpose.

The story continues…if our made man was fighting to get out of his crumbling mob life in New York and escape for good, then this is what happens once he gets out. He finds himself in Havana, Cuba, amongst native Cubans and defectors of the same sort, looking to create a new life away from the darkness of 1970’s New York.

His primary fear, though, is that once you’re in you’re never really out. Cut off from the life he knows and an estranged family, our man steps off the boat with all the cautious joy he can muster, floral shirt and sun in tow, ready to take it all in – but now forever forced to look over his shoulder.

Interested in licensing this beat for your project? Reach out to us via email.

Man Smoking Photo by Étienne Beauregard-Riverin on Unsplash



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