The debut solo album from The Kid Flames (of The Illusionists), follows the fall of a profiteering, opportunistic made man trapped between the euphoric grandeur and unyielding darkness of New York City in the 1970s. Realizing, from the top, that he has controlled, manipulated, and extended his reach too far for the last time, and is no longer capable of seeing the bottom. Instead, swallowed by it.

Caught in the throes of his last score, he comes upon an epiphany of cobbled stone–he must get out. The city that loved him, that which allowed him to prevail over his enemies; his once and true home, has become the enemy.

The streets are watching. Their eyes seeing not merely a man; but an end. And like the sound of vinyl when the needle falls off the record, he begins his descent towards it.

Features the singles “Dumbo” and “King of New York”. Available everywhere.

Executive Producers: Nate “The Kid Flames” Smith & Fiera Michelle Smith / Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by The Kid Flames for Off the Baseline/Back Roads to Eastland at The Pantages, Dallas, TX / Scratches on “KONY” by DJ Ernie G / Art Direction & Layout by @nateryansmith / Announcement Video Shot, Directed, and Edited by Corey Frey for Corey Frey Media

RELEASED / MAY 10 2019