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Hot off of the heels of their debut digital EP and special limited edition vinyl release, Kindred Spirits (2022 OOR 310/The Paper Label), and the Slept On Summer (2022 The Paper Label) compilation, prolific Buffalo, New York emcee Cav Johnson and Dallas, Texas producer The Kid Flames return as their Madison Ave alter egos, Cav Calloway and Don Draper, with their second extended project, aptly titled Draper Calloway.

Just in time to warm up the holiday season, the concept EP finds the two in lock-step, evolving their signature boom-bap/lofi sound with swinging, jazz-infused stylings and dusty drums that are unmistakably New York. If the city were to exist in a cup of hot java, this 4-track sophomore effort is that cup.

Following the trails blazed by iconic duos and groups such Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gang Starr, EPMD, Black Moon, Little Brother, and more, the two have officially arrived as a unit to stake their claim in the industry, while continuing to lay the groundwork for Hip-Hop, championing a sound that can only be described as classic Golden Era – the essence.

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About the Project

Draper Calloway is the culmination of work done to this point by the duo, while serving as a precursor to the full-length player Welcome to Hubbs, which will expand upon the hybrid boom-bap/jazz sound already established with the EP.

The hope is to procure a wider distribution opportunity and vinyl production, increasing engagement and awareness for both the artists as well as the distributor, leveraging the digital groundswell and following being created by each.

Each entity will benefit widely from the use of the various marketing tactics listed here, resulting in cross-pollination of audiences and an inevitably wider engagement–opening everyone up to new users, increased listenership, brand awareness and opportunities.

Release Date

Old School Tuesday Drop
November 29, 2022 / Season-Centric


Digital Release / Vinyl Release


Old Oak Recordings 310
The Paper Label
Partner Label (TBD)


Reach Wider Audience / Increase Engagement / Review, Interview, Podcast Opportunities / Potential Distribution

Marketing Tactics

Social Channels (IG/FB/TW) / Email
Bandcamp / Website / Video Content

Music Selections


About The Paper Label & OOR 310

The Paper Label is a boutique record label and creative shop, completely self-contained and home to KD Tha Produce Man, The Kid Flames, and The Illusionists. Old Oak Recordings 310 is a boutique label and publishing company, home to and brain child of Cav Johnson.

The two partnered in December of 2021 as a means of creating shared buzz via the various works seen above, while also collaborating creatively on ventures such as Live & Direct, an Instagram Live interview experience hosted by Cav Johnson and boasting some of the most iconic names in underground Hip-Hop. The two are also planning an ongoing music education series/masterclass, with the goal of giving back to the music community and helping artists across the globe increase not only their musical skill set, but more importantly their awareness and business acumen.

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