Slept On Summer 2022 is a compilation and showcase of some of the absolute illest producers and emcees spanning the globe. A love letter to Hip-Hop. From the street corners and falls of Buffalo, NY to the dizzying heat and rolling hills of Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, TX all the way out west where sunny skies and desert willows overlook Fresno, CA to the reaching apexes and chilled air of Colorado – this handpicked group of beat behemoths and masters of ceremony bring you a special blend of beats, rhymes, and life that will keep your summer absolutely lit.

Comprised of two halves of an entire 24, the brighter SUNUP is where you’ll find yourself on the wakeup, ready to dip with bright, lively, lush bangers. SUNDOWN plays with darker, more nuanced heaters, where you’ll slide into the after hours of dusk, glidin’ down the strip or playin’ it low-key at the spot after a day of mixing it up with friends and fam, in no rush and without a worry to speak of.

No matter your preferred taste, there’s something for everyone here, all suited in classic, dusty boom-bap and lo-fi vibes making for a seamless, sublime listen.

So, without delay, check your gear and give the mirror a glance. Make sure the kicks and fit are fresh, step out the door, press play and let the sounds of Slept On Summer be your life’s soundtrack.

Featuring Vibes From: Cee Gee / Jknodic / Deonis “Pumah” Cook / Verse Osmo / P_Phil / Rob Viktum / Covito / Hunger Artist / K.D. Tha Produce Man / The Kid Flames

Special Appearances By: Suave Burgandy & Cav Johnson

It’s wake up time.

Executive Producers:
The Kid Flames & KD Tha Produce Man

All Songs Produced by The Artists for their respective labels and publishing companies
All Songs Mixed by The Artists
Mastered by The Kid Flames at The Pantages • Dallas, Texas
“Cold Chillin” Written by Cav Johnson for OOR310
“BAR Mitzvah” Written by Suave Burgandy for Mayor Muzik
Cuts on “Summer Foley” by Verse Osmo
Art Direction, Design & Layout by The Kid Flames for The Paper Label
Alternate Cover Designs by Covito for Fly Cuisine Ish!