The Kid Flames / D I R T

Various / Slept On Summer Vol. 2

The Kid Flames “It Didn’t Occur to Me”

The Kid Flames / Tudo Sera Revelado

The Kid Flames / Draper Calloway – The Instrumentals

The Kid Flames / Reflections

The Kid Flames Golden Child cover art with old photo of he, his mom, and his baby sister in his mom's arms.

The Kid Flames / GOLDEN CHILD

Red cover with the title in ornate text and an African American man, focused on hands, wearing a black pea coat - with snow falling around him.

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Pea Coats”

Slept On Summer 2022 Front Artwork

Various / Slept On Summer 2022

KD Tha Produce Man NEON Album Cover

K.D. Tha Produce Man / N E O N