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KD Tha Produce Man

About KD

K.D. Tha Produce Man (of The Illusionists) is a prolific and versatile producer hailing from the Oak Cliff suburb of Dallas, Texas. Influenced by a myriad of artists and genres growing up, he credits his mom for his varied interests in a wide array of musical genres. She kept a record collection consisting of legendary artists such as Prince, The Pointer Sisters, the GAP Band, as well as Earth, Wind, and Fire, and many more, around the house and is readily apparent in his dizzying production style.

While he snagged his early influence from those venerable 70’s and 80’s icons, it was his intro to production behemoths such as DJ Paul, Dr. Dre, KLC, Beats by the Pound, and DJ U-Neek who really gave him an idea of what production could be, ultimately starting him down the path to serious consideration of the craft. As his proficiencies as a producer and engineer grew, he began to dig deeper, playing with varied styles and pushing the envelope via influence from the likes of modern-day maestros Timbaland and The Neptunes.

In 1999 he formed the production duo The Illusionists with The Kid Flames, co-founded their imprint The Paper Label in 2004, and has released three albums Masks & Façades (2007), Transposition Theory (2014), and Astral Infinite (2020) via the unit. His solo debut album Lunar Supremacy (2020) is chock full of his many influences from R&B and Soul to Boom-Bap and Trap with a little Caribbean flavor mixed in, and his EP N E O N (2022) is a meditative, laid back collection of transmissions to help you catch a vibe and stay there. While his second EP of the year, a collection titled Sacrosanct (2022) is a grimy dive into a world of corruption. No matter the project, KD’s immense versatility as a producer and creative mind is always at the forefront.


  • Akai MPK Mini Play
  • Korg Triton 61-Key
  • Fruity Loops
  • Koala Sampler
  • Adobe Audition


All Projects

Various / Slept On Summer Vol. 2

Red cover with the title in ornate text and an African American man, focused on hands, wearing a black pea coat - with snow falling around him.

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Pea Coats”

Slept On Summer 2022 Front Artwork

Various / Slept On Summer 2022

KD Tha Produce Man NEON Album Cover

K.D. Tha Produce Man / N E O N

K.D. Tha Produce Man "Coast Down Cedarhurst" Single Cover

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Coast Down Cedarhurst”

K.D. Tha Produce Man Single Cover for "Bench Seats"

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Bench Seats”

K.D. Tha Produce Man Lunar Supremacy album cover. Artwork by The Kid Flames

K.D. Tha Produce Man / Lunar Supremacy

K.D. Tha Produce Man Autumn Breeze Cover, Artwork by The Kid Flames for The Paper Label

K.D. Tha Produce Man “Autumn Breeze”

Suave Burgandy #Suavetoberfest 2 Cover Art

Suave Burgandy / #SF2

The Illusionists Astral Infinite Album Cover

The Ill / Astral Infinite

The Illusionists "Not from Here" Single Cover Art

The Ill “Not from Here”

The ILL / Transposition Theory

The ILL / Masks & Façades

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