Various / Slept On Summer Vol. 2

The Kid Flames / Reflections

Cav J & P_Phil / That Old Fashioned

The Kid Flames Golden Child cover art with old photo of he, his mom, and his baby sister in his mom's arms.

The Kid Flames / GOLDEN CHILD

Slept On Summer 2022 Front Artwork

Various / Slept On Summer 2022

The Kindred Spirits special edition album cover featuring Cav Johnson & The Kid Flames.

Cav Johnson x The Kid Flames / KS

K.D. Tha Produce Man Lunar Supremacy album cover. Artwork by The Kid Flames

K.D. Tha Produce Man / Lunar Supremacy

The Illusionists Astral Infinite Album Cover

The Ill / Astral Infinite

The Kid Flames / Without Seeing the Staircase

The Kid Flames / Things Left on Purpose