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The Kid Flames

About The Kid

The Kid Flames is a full-tilt creative; a designer, web developer, music producer, photographer, filmmaker, Hip-Hop aficionado, label co-founder, geek, and one-half of The Illusionists (with KD Tha Produce Man). Known for their genre-blending, experimental, dark, melodic creations, and a hefty cinematic approach to projects, their high-concept albums, Masks & Façades (2007) and Transposition Theory (2014), follow the journey of a wide-eyed, but enigmatic and jaded illusionist on a journey of self-discovery, with their latest body of work Astral Infinite (2020) exploring the ills of society through the lens of the unknown.

While making a decisive departure from the duo’s core sound, the producer’s solo catalog maintains elements of the dark, ambient signature for which fans know them, while integrating a much more classic Golden Era Hip-Hop edge with hard-hitting boom-bap drums and dusty chops.

His production influences are a who’s who of the greatest era of Hip-Hop, including but not limited to DJ Premier, Dilla, Erick Sermon, Nottz, Bink!, DJ Uneek, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Hi-Tek, Buckwild, 9th Wonder, The Bomb Squad, Pete Rock, The Ummah, Madlib, Battlecat, S1, Illmind, The Hitmen, and many more. You needn’t look any further than his debut solo offering Things Left On Purpose (2019), and its follow-ups Without Seeing the Staircase (2019) and With All My Heart (2020) for any further proof. Kindred Spirits, his 2022 collab album with Buffalo emcee Cav Johnson, further solidifies his place in the ether.


  • Akai MPC One
  • Akai MPK Mini Play
  • Korg Triton 61-Key
  • Koala Sampler
  • Logic Pro
  • GarageBand
  • Adobe Audition
  • AT LP60-BT Turntable
  • Vast Vinyl Collection


All Projects

The Kid Flames / D I R T

Various / Slept On Summer Vol. 2

The Kid Flames “It Didn’t Occur to Me”

The Kid Flames / Tudo Sera Revelado

The Kid Flames / Draper Calloway – The Instrumentals

The Kid Flames / Reflections

The Kid Flames Golden Child cover art with old photo of he, his mom, and his baby sister in his mom's arms.

The Kid Flames / GOLDEN CHILD

Slept On Summer 2022 Front Artwork

Various / Slept On Summer 2022

The Kindred Spirits special edition album cover featuring Cav Johnson & The Kid Flames.

Cav Johnson x The Kid Flames / KS

KD Tha Produce Man NEON Album Cover

K.D. Tha Produce Man / N E O N

Kooperstown single artwork, cream with red stripe popcorn box

The Kid Flames x Cav Johnson “Kooperstown”

The Kid Flames "In A Daze" Single Cover

The Kid Flames “In A Daze”

The Illusionists Astral Infinite Album Cover

The Ill / Astral Infinite

The Illusionists "Not from Here" Single Cover Art

The Ill “Not from Here”

The Kid Flames / With All My Heart

The Kid Flames - Down - Single Cover Art

The Kid Flames “Down”

The Kid Flames “Embrace”

Suave Burgandy + The Kid Flames #BoardingPass cover art.

Suave Burgandy / #SF

The Kid Flames / Without Seeing the Staircase

The Kid Flames “My Life”

The Kid Flames “Benny Blanco”

The Kid Flames / King of NY

The Kid Flames / Things Left on Purpose

The Kid Flames “Dumbo”

The ILL / Transposition Theory

The ILL / Masks & Façades

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